Car Racing – Top Racing Game Tips

Top Racing Game

Racing Games are one of the world top played mobile and pc games. Racing is seen to pump adrenaline and to keep the player focus and alive to be able to win races. It has been a game type that will not easily fade out because of its experience. The fun derived from racing by players is unimaginable, that is why the need for need is continuously asked for. Before we explain more, let us quickly share with you when game racing started and also the first racing game.

Racing games have been a long standing practice for a long time now. Over the years say 1983 when racing game into lamplight the experience was wonderful. The first racing game pole position was released in 1982 by Namco. This game began the revolution of racing games in the arcade world as at then, though the graphic experience of racing game have been improved upon over years. But the key features by pole position such as the rear view racing style and qualifying pre-races are still applied in today’s racing game design.

Top Racing Games Today

In today’s world, racing games are numerous and cannot be listed here but I will make an attempt to mention but a few. For PC these are top racing games: Need for speed Most Wanted, Project cars, Burnout Paradise, Dirt Rally, Need for speed rivals etc. And for mobile asphalt airborne, beach buggy blitz, CRS racing, Drag racing etc. this are but a few list of top rated racing games in the world. This report is gathered from

Racing game concepts

There has been a tremendous change in the development of racing games in today’s world as regards 1980s and 1990s when racing game came out. Though in as much as so many things have to change the overall concept still remain the same. The advance in technology have led to a more real graphic car and even the game scene but the ethics of racing still remain the same. That is, make it to the finish line or beat the time to emerge as the winner. Every racing game adopts the make it first to the finished line and this is what technological evolvement have not been able to change. The new age game has implemented factors, such as style, car performance, and overall racing tactics, such as sliding around or drifting.

Winning strategy

Evaluating winning opportunities have been based on how to handle the steer, break, gas, boost etc. tweaking this features makes a different armature player and an experienced player. There is so many strategies to deploy to beat your opponents with less stress, but this is dependent on the type of console or how well you can manipulate the console. The different console out there has similar but different controller. And there is no fixed button for a particular action, so as a result, it requires you being conversant with your console to be able to stand a winning chance.

Comfortable controller

At the same time, more winnings can be considered based on how comfortable your console is, that is why it is worth looking up on comfort as well. Comfort could be judged based on how easy the buttons can be pressed and its responsiveness. Also, if you happen to stay on your game for a long time, the type of feelings you will get from your console, if it will affect your wrist or ache your finger or not. Getting a comfortable console play a great role in making a big different in your winning board.